The Online Registration page gives you details of the 5 steps which need to be completed during your enrolment.

A video tutorial (opens in new tab) is available with some information about each of the steps.

  • Confirm My Details is used to make sure that the information on your student record is accurate and up-to-date. You will need to complete this section before you come to your enrolment session. A video tutorial (opens in new tab) is available for this step.

  • Uploading your Photo is only required for new SOAS students. This allows you to upload a photograph which will be used on your ID/library card.

  • Fee Payment & Funding shows information about how your fees are being paid. Please read the information in this section carefully and make sure you have supplied any evidence that is required. If you have queries about this section please contact the relevant team using the email addresses provided.

  • Course Signup allows you to choose which optional modules you will take for the coming year (depending on your degree programme). If Course signup is not open yet the information in this section will tell you when you will be able to come back to make your choices.

  • Tutorial Allocation allows you to choose tutorial sessions if you're taking modules which allow this. Tutorial Allocation is usually available in the week following Welcome Week, so check this section for information on when you will be able to do this.

If you have any problems with this page please contact the SOAS Helpdesk using the link at the bottom of this page.


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